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Tesla ditches its one-week return and refund policy, report says

Be sure you really want a Tesla, if you plan on pulling the trigger.


Hot on the heels of the Tesla scrapping its public relations department, the electric carmaker has tossed another thing into the dumpster: its seven-day return policy. Electrek first reported Friday language surrounding Tesla’s return policy is no longer part of the automaker’s website. Indeed, the portion of its website that was once dedicated to the generous return policy now redirects back to the Tesla website’s homepage.

Tesla does not operate a public relations department to field requests for comment, so we are unable to verify if the program is gone for good, or if there will be a replacement program coming. It’s not clear why the company decided to revoke the policy in the first place. In the past, Tesla would 100% accept a new vehicle as a return within seven days if owners were not happy for whatever reason. The only asterisks with the return and refund program were an odometer reading under 1,000 miles and no damage to the car.

According to Electrek’s report, any new owner interested in a return will be funneled to a Tesla service department. That’s certainly not as transparent or user friendly as a full refund within a week. The refund and return process was likely an appreciated safeguard for an automaker that operates outside of the norms in more ways than one.

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