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Destiny 2 Trials Of Osiris Rewards This Week (January 15-19)

Another weekend has arrived in Destiny 2, and so the Trials of Osiris are back for players who want to take on the game’s toughest multiplayer challenge. As always, the rewards are great if you take on the Trials–this week, you can snag a bunch of different weapons and armor you can get anywhere else, particularly if you go Flawless.

Here’s the Crucible map you’ll face in Trials, plus all the rewards you can earn in this rotation. Trials ends with the weekly reset on January 19, so get your matches in or you’ll have to wait for another weekend to roll around.

Trials of Osiris Map And Rewards (January 15-19)

  • Map: Pacifica
  • 3 wins — Tomorrow’s Answer, Void rocket launcher
  • 5 wins — Exile’s Curse, Arc fusion rifle
  • 7 wins — Astral Horizon, Kinetic shotgun Flawless run — Hunter, Warlock, or Titan Helmet: Hood, Cover, or Helm of the Exile
    • Adept Mod: Projectile Speed

For those who have never braved the Trials of Osiris and are unfamiliar with how it works, the multiplayer tournament only shows up on weekends and puts you into some of the Crucible’s most challenging PvP battles. In the Trials, the challenge isn’t just to win, but to go on winning streaks. Notch seven victorious matches without losing a single one and you’ll earn what’s known as a “Flawless” run. That gets you a trip to the Lighthouse–a special social space only accessible to players who go Flawless–and exclusive rewards and recognition. In the Beyond Light expansion, opening the Flawless chest earns you an “Adept” item, which comes with extra stat boosts unavailable on any other loot in the game, as well as powerful Adept mods that are likewise unavailable anywhere else.

You might be thinking, “I’m good at PvP, but not that good.” Fear not–the Trials still has rewards for you, even if, like most of us, you’re not one of the top players in the Crucible. When playing in Trials, you earn rewards after three, five, and seven total wins. While a loss will end your chances at a Flawless run, you can still earn those incremental loot drops. Once you lose three matches total, however, you’re forced to restart your Trials run from the beginning. To access the Trials, you’ll need to see Saint-14 in the Tower to purchase a Trials card.

You’ll also earn tokens for participating in Trials that you can spend with Saint on additional drops of Trials gear you’ve already earned–but you have to use any tokens you earn on the weekend you earned them, before the weekly reset on Tuesday.

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